The La Jolla Combinatorics Repository

The La Jolla Combinatorics Repository

The La Jolla Covering Designs Repository started in [GPK95] as a paper with tables of bounds for sizes \(C(v,k,t)\) of covering designs, collections of \(k\)-subsets of a \(v\)-set that cover all \(t\)-subsets. The table entries became outdated before the paper appeared, so in 1996 the bounds and covering designs were made available as a plain HTML page hosted at UCSD with the easy-to-remember address of

Later it became,

and currently is

Every move was forced by a web hosting change, and caused issues with people not being able to find the website.

In the process of maintaining the website the author became far more expert in Html, PHP, SQL and system administration for Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud and Relational Database Service instances than he ever wanted to be. This is not something the average mathematician wants or should have to do.

This repository is the first attempt at a more permanent solution that, if successful, could be used by other people without a lot of coding, and no system administration. The goal is a way of presenting data and code that is more permanent, easily findable, and requires less technical preparation.