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LJCR policy is not to use, directly or indirectly, any coverings which have not been explicitly approved by the author. Please do not submit coverings from another website, or coverings constructed using the work of another person, without permission and attribution. I strongly encourage (and may soon require) some information in the method field about how a submitted covering was constructed.


To submit a covering design:
  • enter the parameters above (everything is required except for method).
  • Put the blocks of the covering in an ASCII file, with one block per row. The elements of the covering should be either [0..v-1] or [1..v].
  • Upload the file, using "Browse" to locate it on your computer.

    When you push the submit button, a timestamp will be added, and all the information will be sent in to the Repository. It will soon be verified, and then entered in the database.
    If you have any problems, send email to me.